Education, vital to transforming Zongo communities – Sheikh Baafi

Kumasi- Zongo communities in the country have been impressed upon to put premium on secular education.

“We should not close our doors to secular education since it provides Muslim and Zongo youth with the requisite knowledge and skills for self-development,” Sheikh Abdul Muhsin Baafi, Director of Leading Edge Academy, Parkoso, noted.

Muslim parents and guardians, he noted, ought to overcome the misconception about secular education, which had often compelled them to shun sending their wards to school.

Sheikh Baafi, who was addressing the fourth graduation ceremony of the Academy in Kumasi, was emphatic that without massive investment in education the Zongo communities would continue to wallow in poverty and ignorance.

“Without the needed educational qualification, it would be extremely difficult for our Zongo youth to even avail themselves of programmes rolled out by the Ministry of Inner City and Zongo Development for their own benefit,” the Director remarked.

The Academy, established in 2014, is one of the fastest growing educational institutions in the Asokore-Mampong Municipality, delivering holistic academic programmes.

Sheikh Baafi drew attention to the need for all to take early childhood education seriously, explaining that quality pre-primary education was the foundation of a child’s journey.

“Failure to provide quality early childhood education limits children’s future by denying them the opportunity to reach their full potential.

“It also limits the future of countries, robbing them of the human capital needed to promote prosperous societies,” he argued.

Source: Ghana News Agency