Economic hardship: Don’t compromise on balanced diet — Dietician

Accra, Nov. 13, GNA – Madam Sharon Larbie, a Registered Dietician at The Trust Hospital says eating a balanced meal should never be compromised in the name of rising food prices due to economic hardship.

She said that physical health was paramount above all other things.

Food contributed to the growth and well-being of the body, so compromising on quality and frequency of eating well would affect a person’s health, Madam Larbie told the Ghana News Agency.

The Dietician, therefore, called on Ghanaian to endeavor to eat balanced meals regularly regardless of the harsh economic situation currently been experienced in the country.

“People need to invest more in the quality of food they eat more than material things,” she said.

Madam Larbie said there were many healthy food alternatives that could be patronize, which were less expensive.

She said what was important was to strategically plan to buy affordable but healthier food to meet the standard three-square meals of the individual.

She urged Ghanaians to plan their eating habits and make sure they ate three times a day, explaining that eating one heavy meal a day does not compensate for the required three-square meals.

“Instead of one expensive meal, you can spread and have cheaper alternatives three square meals a day, which can keep you healthy,” she added.

The Dietician said highly processed foods such as Cornflakes, Oats and Weetabix could be substituted with Corn porridge and tom brown, they are cheaper yet healthier.

“Currently a box of Corn flakes she says is sold around 70 cedis yet one can buy a cup of raw Tom Brown powder for 10 cedis and prepare for the whole family. It is nutritious and can equally fill your tummy”. She said.

She said there was the need to reduce over dependence on imported foreign vegetables such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Radish, which she said were costly as compared to indigenous vegetables like Kontonmire, Garden eggs, Ademe and Gboma.


Source: Ghana News Agency