Easter stands for true sacrifices to humanity – Rev. Tong

Bolgatanga Venerable Cannon Dennis Tong, the Parish Priest at the Saint Cyprian Anglican Church in Bolgatanga, said the continuous surge for worldly things is an infraction to the purpose and sacrifice Jesus made through his death for mankind.

He bemoaned wanton greed, selfishness and insatiable taste for worldly possession that had taken over truth, love, honesty and compassion for humanity as taught by Christ.

Reverend Tong was preaching the sermon in Bolgatanga on Good Friday as part of activities to mark the Easter festivities.

Good Friday should remind us of what Jesus has done and not our achievements. It should remind us of Jesus taking the punishment of humanity and not boasting on that account, he said.

Good Friday is a memorial event that Christians make sacrifices to people who do not deserve it. It is not a reciprocal sacrifice, but to forgive those who sin against us.

In our action and inactions everyday, we betray Jesus, because we continue to sin even when He has made the biggest sacrifice to save us.

Rev. Tong indicated that: Christ forgave us so that we will be able to forgive and help save others.

He encouraged members of the congregation to endeavour to have fulfilled Christian lives and admonished Christians who are politicians to avoid self-centeredness.

Selfishness and greed have overtaken our world. If all Christian politicians could make a sacrifice of honesty, truthfulness, and love, our world would be a better place.

Rev. Tong said humanity had become too materialistic and urged Christians to use Easter to renew their faith and grow their spiritual lives.

Source: Ghana News Agency