Drivers cautioned against dusk and dawn driving

Ho, Madam Joan Fafa Ayer, Assistant Planning Officer at the Volta Regional office of the National Road Safety Commission has cautioned drivers against driving at dusk and dawn in view the severe harmattan being experienced in parts of the country.

She asked commercial drivers especially to wait until the fog had cleared and warned against speeding and driving under influence.

Madam Ayer who was speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview asked drivers plying unfamiliar roads to follow lead vehicles and exercise restraint when plying through potholes.

She asked them to be careful on mountainous areas, especially the Ho to Fume road due to the heavy fog and sharp curves.

Madam Ayer urged divers to avoid the use of mobile phones and other distractions whiles driving and guard against overloading, reckless driving and wrongful overtaking.

Source: Ghana News Agency