Dreams Africa to hold leaders and mentors summit 2017

Accra, DreamsAfrica, a Human Resource and Mentoring hub in Africa, in collaboration with the Generational Thinkers International, will hold its Leaders and Mentors Summit 2017, on Friday November 17, at the University of Ghana, in Accra.

This year’s event is on the theme: “Something inside so Strong”-The Tenacious Spirit of a Rising Generation.

Mr Eric Edem Damanka, the President of DreamAfrica told the GNA that this year’s summit would give opportunity to young pioneers, entrepreneurs, students and emerging leaders to harness their talents to accelerate growth and more importantly, create new paths and leverage on the DreamsAfrica platform to initiate mentoring relationships.

The event is to mentor young professionals and youth to discover and actualize their leadership potential and talents, to recruit and mentor young professionals and students on meaningful ways to sustain their pursuits such as career, education and dreams.

It is also to build a network of same oriented or like-minded leaders, to train high potential leaders to understand the nature and principles governing their chosen spheres of influence and to support the noble causes of young professionals and to provide direction in their career development.

“Our rapidly evolving and tumultuous dispensation requires not just any kind of leaders but leaders whose resilience, grit and zest will drive change with foresight and dedication,” he added.

He said DreamsAfrica believes that, the cutting-edge solution to ensure progressive development of the youth for nation building, and the prevention of misguided momentary spring of youthful reaction is by unleashing the talents and leadership potential of the youth through purposive mentoring.

He said their work focuses on training and mentoring the youth to deploy their unique abilities, purpose and leadership for positive global impact, amidst character development, through voluntary Services and supervised projects.

“Ultimately, we are committed to helping every youth that enrolls on our mentoring programme to answer the ten fundamental questions of life and leadership with great conviction,” he added.

He expressed the hope of developing and building a network of Mentoring Partnerships, whiles they collaborate with other organizations, whose missions are in sync with their Vision.

Dale Quist, Medical Researcher, Esther Margaret Atigbor, Mentor and Coach at DreamAfrica, Minister David Mills, HR Consultant and Eric Edem Damanka, President DreamsAfrica.

Source: Ghana News Agency