Drama outside court as family of ‘murdered’ soldier at Kasoa ‘attacks’ prime suspect


Tension escalated outside the Achimota District Court when the family of a soldier, who was shot and killed at Kasoa Millennium City over a land dispute, attempted to attack the prime suspect, Benlord Ababio, after court proceedings.

The incident occurred outside the court premises on May 16, 2024, where some members of the family gathered for the proceeding. Emotions ran high as some members hurled insults at Ababio and made a rushed attempt to physically confront him.

The chaotic scene unfolded quickly, drawing the attention of police officers stationed at the court.

In a footage shared on social media, the family, visibly distraught and angered by the loss of their loved one, struggled with officers in a bid to reach Ababio.

The intervention of the police was crucial in preventing what could have been a more violent confrontation. Officers managed to restrain the family, ensuring that the suspect was safely escorted away from the premises.

Watch the video below:

At the Achimota District Court today,
tensions escalated when the family of the soldier killed in a land dispute at Kasoa Millennium City attacked Chief and land guard Benlord Ababio, the prime suspect in the case. pic.twitter.com/QBxvonF19y

Source: Ghana Web