Don’t shun politics as Christians – Pastor Olawore

Accra, Pastor Michael Olawore, the General Overseer of the New Wine Church, has said Christians constitute the chunk of nationhood and should not shy away from politics.

He said it is important for Christians to participate and contribute in the decision-making process and refrain from branding it as dirty game.

He said by so doing, they would have the mandate to make incisive decisions on the material wealth and the resources of the nation.

Pastor Olawore said this at a seminar on wealth creation organized at the Harvest Chapel International at Tesano in Accra.

The seminar was held under the theme: Walking in Divine Provision and forms part of the annual event organized by the church to enrich the lives of the members on finance and business management.

Pastor Olawore said he wondered why many Christians were struggling when their heavenly father owns all the valuable earthly resources and the power to get wealth.

He urged Christians to reconsider the way they relate to God in connection with money saying God does not need our money and the day he has a need he ceases to be God.

Pastor Olawore said many Christians are struggling financially because of misappropriation of money and as Christians we should not say we are serving God if we are not doing so with our treasures.

Pastor Olawore said it is never the intention of God for Christians to struggle financially and that God is looking for people to channel his blessing through them, however, our attitude towards money would reveal whether we love God.

He urged Christians to be mindful of the fact that they are stewards of money and not the owners and that they should use money to serve good purposes in the house of God.

Many Christians do not understand the purpose of money so they are going about promoting world values instead of promoting the kingdom of God with their wealth, he said, adding anytime God talks about money, he is not interested in taking our money but rather to assess our hearts.

Touching on borrowing, Pastor Olawore admonished Christians to shun money borrowing to buy things that depreciate in value and could impoverish their future.

Reverend Fitz Odonkor of the Harvest Chapel International urged participants at the seminar to continue to remain steadfast in planting the seed, their tithe, so as not to cut the flow of their financial blessings.

Source: Ghana News Agency