Don’t mix student politics with national politics – SRCs told

Ho- Torgbe Agbobada IV, Chief of Adaklu Anfoe, has admonished students’ leadership to shun the temptation to mix students politics with national politics.

He said the practice was a recipe for chaos with students divided along political lines and urged them to focus on championing the welfare of students.

Torgbe Agbobada gave the caution at the handing over and investiture of the 2019/2020 Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College (EPUC) in Ho.

He said students were faced with a myriad of issues in school, which should engage the attention of the SRCs, and not what was happening in national politics, most of which had no bearing on education.

Torgbe Agbobada asked the new executive to be the interface between the student body and management.

He asked them to be firm, not “be in bed with management,” and represent the interest of students.

Mr Faisel Abdul-Iddrisu, the new SRC President, EPUC, said it was worrying that though school fees had been increased and student enrolement going up, school infrastructure was not seeing any expansion.

He said his administration would address the anomaly for a “university that is second to none in human resource development in Ghana.”

Mr Abdul-Iddrisu promised to consolidate the gains of past administrations and revive the University’s alumni association.

The executive members of the SRC are; Elorm Nathaniel Dzah, Vice President, Samuel Numatsi, Treasurer and Moses Nyorkey Aban, Secretary.

The rest are; Liz Barbara Akpaloo, WOCOM, Attitsogbui Kingsley, Public Relations Officer, and Theresa Diana Adzornu, Local PUSAG Representative.

Source: Ghana News Agency