Don’t litter, keep your surroundings clean

Koforidua, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, has organized a massive clean-up exercise in Koforidua as part of a drive to free the municipality of filth.

For more than four hours, its members removed garbage from unauthorized points, cleared gutters and drains and swept the streets.

The activity formed part of the observation of the annual All African Service Day Project.

Under this, a day is set aside where they spend at least three hours to provide community service.

Mr. Justice Kwame Obeng, President of the Koforidua Stake of the Church, reminded the people of their responsibility to care for the environment.

They should not litter � they should ensure that they keep their surroundings clean.

He expressed his upset with the situation, where people littered and expected others to clean up the mess.

Mr. Obeng indicated that the main thrust of Christianity was service to humanity and therefor any service to one’s community was a service to God.

Some of their members later made voluntary blood donation to the Koforidua

Source: Ghana News Agency