Don’t declare vacancies more than schools’ can take – Minister

Kumasi The Education Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has warned heads of senior high schools (SHS) not to declare vacancies more than their schools’ intake capacity.

There would be sanctions against anybody who made any false declarations, come the next academic year.

The Minister was addressing a meeting held in Kumasi with the school heads in the Ashanti Region.

He told them that the situation where headmasters/headmistresses provided the ministry with the number of students they could admit at the beginning of the academic year, but ended up enrolling in excess of what they had declared, tended to create congestion.

That had been putting pressure on the government when it came to the allocation of educational resources and funds.

Stringent measures had therefore been put in place to deal with it – would not be allowed to continue.

He condemned the practice of hiding behind the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) fees to collect unauthorized money from students and asked that this stopped.

No headmaster/headmistress was going to be permitted to sack any student for non-payment of PTA fees.

The PTAs, henceforth, should open separate bank accounts where parents would pay their dues and levies, he added.

Source: Ghana News Agency