Don’t cook at market centres – Fire Commander cautions

Accra, Divisional Officer Grade II (DOII) Naomi Ofori Adubea, the Commander of the Ministries Fire Station, has cautioned market women not to cook in the market centres to prevent the occurrences of fires.

She said cooking at the market place, especially with gas, electric stoves and coal pot, could cause fires if care was not taken.

She explained that it was easy for market women to lose focus when cooking, especially when they were attending to customers because their focus is always on the business”.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency on Friday, DOII Ofori Adubea expressed regret at the recent fire outbreak that razed the Kasoa Old Market in the Central Region, adding that some market women flouted the rules and regulations guiding market centres.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) continues to educate the public on fire safety, yet some people still don’t make use of the education. Ghanaians must listen to simple instructions, DOII Ofori Adubea said.

She said people who worked at the market centres could bring food from the house instead of cooking there.

In fact, all the causes of fire in our market centres are human factors which include negligence, she said.

DOII Ofori Adubea urged the public to contact the Fire Service first when there was fire outbreak rather than calling radio stations adding the GNFS personnel may not be listening to radio at the time of the incident.

She commended Dr Albert Brown Gaisie, the National Chief Fire Officer, for his continuous efforts towards intensifying education on fire safety in the country.

Dr Gaisie always keeps us on our toes. He charges us to ensure that the education and fire safety sensitisation are carried out in every crane and corner of the country. His aim is to make Ghana a safe place to live.

He is always on the Commanders to ensure that good job is done in order to achieve the objectives of the GNFS, DOII Ofori Adubea said. She reaffirmed the commitment of the Ministries Fire Station towards ensuring fire safety through continuous education of personnel in all the institutions within the catchment area.

DOII Ofori Adubea, however, expressed worry that often when letters were sent to the Ministries, Departments and Agencies for sensitisation programmes, most of them refused to attend even though they were free adding this is extremely worrying.

Sometimes, we have to do series of follow-ups on the letters we send to them for the workshop. Some of them fail to reply the letters at all, she said and appealed to workers to patronise the education programmes.

She called on the public to take the education seriously to propel the country’s efforts to curb preventable fires.

The Ministries Fire Station had organised fire safety workshops for institutions within its region including the Ghana News Agency and the Office of the Head of Civil Service.

Source: Ghana News Agency