Italy-based Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo is warning Accra-based television channel, UTV, to stop playing his songs again.

His reaction comes shortly after a socialite Kwame A Plus and songstress, Feli Nuna exchanged words with each other on live television.

The two, to the shock of many, were engaged in an altercation on the Twi-speaking TV channel after A Plus has questioned the importance of Feli Nuna’s boyfriend in her career.

Pappy Kojo, took to his Twitter page to vent out his disagreement with the incident.

“Ah, but isn’t Feli an Ewe? Feli ankasa she be humble, like by now A Plus turn kitiw fast fast,” his post read.

The manager of Feli Nuna, Fuse ODG reacted to the incident after Kwame A Plus had earlier accused him of sexual maltreatment and drug abuse.

Source: Modern Ghana

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