Do not allow politics to divide you – Ex-MP

Nfranor (E/R) Mr Amoako Obuadabang Larbi, a former Member of Parliament has called on Ghanaians to see themselves as one people and not to allow politics to divide them.

He also urged various political parties to ensure that their functionaries refrained from abusing the rule of law.

Mr Larbi, former MP for Ayensuono Constituency in the Eastern Region, asked political parties to refrain from hate speech and violence, so as to help promote good governance towards future elections.

He urged political parties to work expeditiously for peace and tranquility in order to realise a credible election results by obeying electoral laws.

Mr Larbi who started his political career in 1983 as chairman of the Anum Apapam Zone of the then Peoples’ Defence Committee (PDC) and later in 1993 became an MP, was interacting with Journalists at his cocoa farm residence at Nfranor.

The former MP was also appointed the West Akim District Co-ordinator of NADMO and in 2009 became a Government Appointee of the then Suhum Kraboa Coaltar District.

He called for the broadening and strengthening of the practice of good governance, since many people did not have that knowledge.

Ensuring peaceful and credible campaign towards polls would help promote the growth of democracy, he said, adding that, there should be no hesitation at all in arresting and prosecuting any political party whose actions could lead to causing chaos and confusion.

Mr Larbi noted that the country needed a peaceful atmosphere for the growth of good governance and therefore, asked self-seeking politicians to halt their negative actions aimed at destabilising the nation.

He urged journalists to use the platform in the industry to explain to the outside world the good image of the country and desist from presenting negative images during elections.

They should also employ meaningful roles in fostering democracy and national development.

Source: Ghana News Agency