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Disregard ridiculous lies about me, I never took money from NPP – NDC Chairman

Augustine Nana Kwasi Andrews, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has denied taking a bribe from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the 2020 general elections.

A faction within the NDC accused Nana Kwasi of accepting bribes from the NPP in the 2020 Ghana general elections.

According to the group, the party was defeated due to the NDC Chairman’s acceptance of money from their bitter rivals to rig the poll results in the region.

However, in an interview with Oyerepa Online, Nana Kwasi stated that those assertions were untrue. He never accepted money from the NPP.

He clarified that one of his rivals is spreading false information about him. He intends to smear his hard-earned reputation with insignificant claims.

“I have heard about those bribery allegations but it’s never true that I took money from NPP in the 2020 elections.”

“Sometimes I find it as an insult to our constituency executives and most of our polling agents because if you look at a party which previously was getting 400,000 plus votes in Ashanti, in 2020 we had 650,000 plus votes, we had 4 MPs, we increased the votes in Ashanti, so how can you say we took a bribe? Those who are making such allegations don’t understand the electoral process.”

“No single individual can sell elections, so there’s no iota of truth in those allegations.” He told stated.

Meanwhile, the council of elders of the NDC after an investigation into the matter rubbished those bribery claims.

Nana Kwasi said, “I’m very happy the party’s council of elders has come out to say that, there was nothing like a bribe.”

In the meantime, the NDC’s council of elders dismissed the bribery allegations following an investigation.


Source: Ghana Web