Digitalization alone can’t end corruption – Domelevo


Former Auditor General Daniel Domelevo has indicated that digitalization alone cannot help fight corruption.

According to him, until governments ensure that there are consequences for misbehaviour, the fight against corruption will only be lip service.

Daniel Domelevo who was speaking to Accra-based GhOne Television in an interview indicated that IT fraud is even on a larger scale and if stricter punishments are not put in place to deter people from engaging in corrupt activities the country may end up throwing its money away in the digitization drive.

I have seen the government’s drive at digitalization and we are being made to believe this is all aimed at fighting corruption and I laugh. Who says there is no digital corruption?

IT fraud is on a higher scale than even manual one so if there are no consequences for misbehaviour, the fraud will be digitized beyond what you can even think about and it will mean we are throwing our money after a bad money,’ he said.

Source: Ghana Web