Dettol commemorates Global Handwashing Day at Mallam Gbawe Cluster of Schools

Manufacturers of the Dettol Range, Reckitt, has commemorated the 2021 Global Handwashing Day by unveiling a handwashing sink station at the Mallam Gbawe Cluster of Schools.

This initiative is to improve the handwashing culture in the school in a bid to promote personal hygiene.

Global Handwashing Day (GHWD) is a global advocacy day, dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of hand hygiene and triggering lasting change from the policy to community- driven action.

The Mallam Gbawe Cluster of schools were among 300 schools that participated in the Dettol School Hygiene Programme, the school was selected due to their impressive involvement in the programme.

Country Manager for Reckitt, Sachin Varma, said “hand washing is the first line of defense against viruses and bacteria, hence the urgent need to educate ourselves on the importance of regular handwashing with soap, to ensure that it becomes a routine part of our daily lives”.

“The theme for today’s Global Handwashing Day is “Our Future is at Hand – Let’s Move Forward Together”. And this calls for coordinated action as we actively work toward universal hand hygiene”, he said.

“Reckitt is dedicated to ensure we imbibe a handwashing culture in our children because they are ambassadors of change and exactly the people we want to use to enforce the behavioural change”, he added further.

As part of the celebration, Madam Veronica Bekoe, the inventor of Veronica bucket was also recognized and celebrated for her contribution to the promotion of handwashing in Ghana.

“In order to meet Sustainable Development Goal targets and prevent future outbreaks and pandemics, education in hand hygiene must increase”, he added that Reckitt through Dettol Bar Soap wants to see a future where illness caused by germs which include cholera and diarrhoea among children have drastically reduced because we are able to apply the basic principle of handwashing.

Source: Ghana Web