Danger looms as residents of Afram Plains North resolve to protect livelihood

Mepekorpe (Afram Plains) There is danger looming as residents of Afram Plains North have resolved to protect their source of livelihood from being destroyed by the Game and Wildlife officials from Atebubu District of the Brong Ahafo Region.

The crop and livestock farmers in communities along the Volta Lake of the area claimed that about 27 Game and Wildlife officials led by one Atta Kusi of the Atebubu District stormed their communities, destroyed acres of farm crops and killed their cattle in a bid to drive them (residents) away from the area.

They appealed to the Government to intervene and to stop the officials from depriving them of their livelihood, saying that; we have been left into hopeless situation and find it difficult to make ends meet in view of their action.

For this matter we have no other option than to fight and protect our source of livelihood from being destroyed.

Mr Kobla Akaho, an opinion leader of Mepekorpe, one of the affected communities in the Afram Plains North in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said their livelihood depended on the farms and the rearing of animals, which they do on smaller scales due to the decline in fish catch in the Volta Lake over the years.

He said over the years, they had kept their animals in the grassland areas since they could not thrive in the forest area and therefore, the officials’ claim that the animals were being reared in the forest was not true.

Mr Akaho pleaded with the government to intervene to call them to order so that they could go about their occupation peacefully as any other Ghanaian.

Mr Yaaya Alezuma of Korlekorpe another affected community expressed disappointment of the statement of the officials that they would ensure that they drove them all from the area as President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was aware of their activities.

Mr Jacob Gadoglo, who was born in the area narrated the ordeal he received from the officials as he was assaulted, and that they (residents) had nowhere to go, adding that it was upon the same panic situation that led to about 130 people losing their lives in the Volta Lake leaving behind a number of orphans in May, this year.

According to some of the residents, they were being driven away by the Games and Wildlife officials for them to have access to lumbering in the area since their presence had been a hindrance to their modus operandi.

Source: Ghana News Agency