Daffodil International School celebrates Yellow Day

Accra- Daffodil International School, – a private educational institution, which runs a pre-school, kindergarten and elementary education, has introduced a unique event dubbed “Yellow Day”.

The event, which would be celebrated periodically is aimed celebrating colours, since the world is made of colours.

The school, which derives its name from Daffodil Plant, is a predominantly yellow and sometimes features a bit of yellow in its white species, introduced the day to enable pupils to recognise and identify colours at an early age.

It is also aimed at helping pupils to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words, which are vital to development.

The Yellow Day of the 2018/2019 Harmattan (Autumn/Winter) term, which was held on October 5, according to the school was meant to fall in line with the colour of the school, which coincidentally is yellow.

As most sub-saharan African countries enjoy a rather humid weather this time of the year, with a generous amount of sunlight, browns and even dust; it is nostalgically thematic that the colour yellow was chosen.

For Daffodil International School, yellow represents the beautiful daffodils which stand for hope. The gold (yellow) of the Ghanaian flag represents the riches in mineral, which Ghana is notable for.

Gold which is significant for all that it symbolises in our world today, is a lustrous and precious derivative of the colour yellow.

Sweet yellow peppers, pineapple, corn and banana are just a few fruits and vegetables packed with nutrients; also, a variety of food crops blossom in beautiful shades of yellow when they are ripe.

This is a laudable initiative of the school which carried both pupils and parents along for the colour display of shades of yellow on Colour Day this month. Pupils and parents alike enjoyed a fun learning experience. Hopefully, some male parents left a better knowledge of the colour wheel.

Daffodil International School whose slogan is, Academic and moral excellence! currently runs a Preschool which covers CrAche (from 3months) to Kindergarten (2 -5 years) education, also Primary, Elementary School curriculum from Grade 1 to 4.

The school is located at Adu Gyamfi Avenue, New Sebrepor (near the Coastal Estates), Tema hopes to expand its educational reach to both the BECE and British programme from grade 7.

Source: Ghana News Agency