Customers praise Vodafone’s Christmas Initiative

Accra, Customers of Vodafone fixed broadband have commended the giant telecommunications for its Christmas gifts dubbed: Santa In The Home.

The Santa in The Home was one of the many customer reward programmes Vodafone Ghana out-doored as part of its Super Red Christmas campaign during the festive season.

It rewarded 300 loyal customers with exquisite gifts of hampers at their homes during the occasion.

According to a release from the Vodafone Ghana and copied to the Ghana News Agency, one of the beneficiaries, Yvette Charol, who commended Vodafone for the gift said I initially thought it was a scam, so I didn’t believe it until Santa and the team knocked on my door and delivered the hamper to me.

I am grateful to Vodafone and I sincerely appreciate the fact that you came all the way to my home to deliver it” she said.

William Darkwah, another loyal Vodafone fixed broadband customer expressing his excitement said ”It was a big surprise for me, I never expected it, the hamper is befitting and the packaging was done with the family in mind we sincerely appreciate and thank Vodafone for this.

In a message to Vodafone, Dr Pat Brown another loyal customer and a beneficiary of this initiative wrote Vodafone has done something really special for me, thank you and merry Christmas.

Meanwhile Vodafone Ghana through its ‘Akwantuo Aye Free’ initiative has paid for the transport fares for hundreds of Ghanaians at various bus terminals in Accra on December 23 to enable them spend the season with their families.

The Akwantuo Aye Free initiative saw transport fares of Vodafone users travelling from Accra to Kumasi, Accra to Takoradi, Accra to Tamale and Accra to Volta where the travellers have their fares refunded to them through their Vodafone cash wallet.

According to the release, the other activities underway for the month include Insomnia Movie Night for Vodafone-X customers, the annual shopping mall activations, and free Uber rides for some retail customers.

Source: Ghana News Agency