COVID:19 Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs backs President’s directives

Accra The Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs on Wednesday, pledged its support to the directives issued by President Nana Akufo-Addo on Sunday, March 15, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

The House has, therefore, directed all chiefs under its jurisdiction to call off on annual festivals, funerals, naming and marriage ceremonies and social gatherings, which attract large crowds until further notice.

A statement issued in Accra, by the Registrar, Mr Enoch Addo, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, also urged the chiefs to suspend all appointments, functions, meetings, visits to palaces nationwide and other social activities indefinitely.

However, visits deemed extremely important, for which prior notice had been served could proceed but they should ensure that all social distancing protocols were strictly followed.

It urged the chiefs, their entourage and all people in palace areas to limit their travels and movement and also be cautious in their internal trips.

“Employees, dependents and all persons within the respective palaces and surrounding areas are to observe the social distancing protocol of one meter (three feet) when interacting with each other,” it advised.

It also appealed to Chiefs to encourage all persons to be transparent and to report early to health facilities should they felt unwell.

“This is a responsibility we must take as citizens of Ghana to protect our homes and families.”

Media houses linked to the various traditional councils were advised to be extremely cautious in their reportage and refrain from creating unnecessary fear and panic, the statement added.

Source: Ghana News Agency