Court orders arrest of Social Commentator

Accra- A High Court in Accra has issued an arrest warrant for Kevin Ebo Taylor, a social commentator for making derogatory remarks about the ongoing trial of Eugene Baffoe Boonie and four others who are standing trial over purchase of a cyber-security machine.

The court has further ordered the Inspector General of Police and the Ghana Police Service, the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) and National Security to apprehend Taylor and produce him in court.

The court presided over by Mr. Justice Eric Kyei-Baffour said Taylor should appear before the court to explain why he should not be committed to prison over the scandalous video currently in circulation.

The video dubbed: The men in red. Tainted judiciary. Justice Eric Kyei-Baffour (the conduit).

It said the warrant would remain in force until Taylor is produced in court or quit the surface of the earth.

Taylor in his commentary in the video allegedly stated that the trial judge was doing the bidding of the government and as a result he has been promoted to the Court of Appeal.

The trial judge made the orders after the case had been called for Eugene Baffoe Bonnie to be cross-examined the state led by Mrs. Yvonne Atakora Obuobisa, the Director of Public Prosecution.

According to the judge if he delayed in issuing the arrest warrant the court would become powerless to take action when the trial ended, but under the circumstances now, upon the arrest of Taylor at any point in time, he would be liable for allegedly scandalising the Judicial System of Ghana.

The judge noted that Taylor was not a party to the suit before him.

He said the video contained scandalous prima-facie speech which was scandalous to the administration of justice and the judge in the matter.

According to the judge, no civilized jurisdiction ought to allow the intent of the Taylor to thrive.

The Video seeks to provoke, incite and poison the minds of the public against the court in respect of the pending proceedings.

As a judge of impeccable integrity and outmost honesty I find it necessary invoking the powers vested in me under the constitution to proceed with a contempt against him, taking notice of the fact that he is not within the jurisdiction.

I issue a warrant for the arrest of Taylor and he is to be produced in court.

Continuing with the cross-examination Baffoe Bonnie denied that he and Matthew William Tetteh Tevie former Director General of the NCA discussed how they were going to share the four million dollars as part of their share in purchasing the cyber security machine.

Baffour Bonnie also disagreed with the DPP that he held a meeting with Tevie and Dr. Ani, a Director of Finance of NCA for NCA to bear the cost of the cybersecurity machine.

The matter had been adjourned to January 21.

Baffoe Bonnie, Tevie, Nana Ensaw a former NCA Board Member, Alhaji Osman Mimina, former Deputy National Security Coordinator and George Derek Oppong a businessman are being held for allegedly causing financial loss to the state in respect of the purchase a cybersecurity machine at a cost of four million dollars which is currently defective.

Source: Ghana News Agency