Cooperation with China supports Africa on way to prosperity

MALABO- China is a friend of Africa, and cooperation with China has been helping the continent on its way to a prosperous future, Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has said.

China established diplomatic ties with Equatorial Guinea soon after the Central African country gained its independence, without a breach in bilateral relations ever since, which is truly a good result and a testament to the friendship, harmony and mutual understanding between the two governments, Obiang told Xinhua in a recent interview.

“I have been to the People’s Republic of China ten times. Every time there I was warmly welcomed and the Chinese people were hospitable,” the president said.

Obiang particularly mentioned the continued Equatorial Guinea-China cooperation in loans and grants since he first visited China. “It has assisted Equatorial Guinea in its development,” he said.

At the country’s National Economic Conference this year, Equatorial Guinea redrew its development plan. Obiang said the country hopes to become a self-sufficient one with small-sized industry by 2035. “That is what I mean by saying economic diversity,” he added.

China is willing to help with Africa’s bid for prosperity, the president said, adding “We welcome China’s help.”

Obiang congratulated the Chinese people on the achievements scored by China in the past years. China “now has been constantly surpassing itself, and we see it as an economic heavyweight,” he said, adding that he appreciated the unconditional support that China has offered to Africa to help boost its development.

Source: Ghana News Agency