Continuous training and encouragement would generate confidence in the youth – WOMEC

Ms. Dulcie Delali Attipoe, Programmes Coordinator, Women, Media and Change (WOMEC), a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) has stated that it was important to raise awareness of gender inequality, and its related issues as well as promote excellence to the younger generation to challenge them to strive and change the status quo.


She said the continuous training and encouragement would generate confidence, inspires trust and fast-track self-development in the youth especially the females to yearn towards attaining positions right from the child.


Ms Attipoe said in view of that has a rolled-out mechanism to equip students of Kpone Community Senior High School in Kpone-Katamanso Municipality on gender issues and leadership, which was monitored by the Communication for Development and Advocacy Consult (CDA Consult) in Kpone.


The programme aimed at bringing the best out of the students especially the females to aspire to take leadership positions and empower the males to champion gender issues in the homes, and the communities.


Ms. Attipoe mentioned that WOMEC has also targeted men in its initiative to raise their consciousness of the critical role they play in transitioning from the already existing perceptions that had been inscribed in the minds of people.


She added that capturing the men and developing their interest in gender-based issues will hasten a change in the narratives in homes and the entire society at large.


Ms Abigail Edem Hunu, a Women’s Human Right Defender speaking at the programme told the students that leadership begins with how one was able to manage and make an account of his or herself before leading other people.


She encouraged females to understand that leadership positions were not meant for only men but for anyone who works hard, irrespective of the person’s gender and, therefore, urged the young ladies to aspire for positions that would lead to the development of the country.


Ms Hunu urged the students to abstain from sexual activities which usually hinders most young girls from furthering their education.


She urged the students to consider the consequences of such acts especially, at such stages when they are not financially stable to take responsibility for themselves and their babies.


The Human Right Defender said prevention from sexual activities at an early stage goes a long way to preventing premature death, abortion, and other negative effects associated with teenage pregnancy.


Ms. Hunu cautioned the students to make sacrifices that would hugely reap benefits for them in the future.


Source: Modern Ghana