Conference calls for broader integration of ICT in education

Accra, – Panelists of the third annual Impact Education Conference have called for strong cooperation among stakeholders in the education sector to help advance the integration of ICT in the educational structure.

This, they suggested would be a better and more efficient way of teaching.

They also urged various players within the education space to invest in research to help in the development of effective technological-based tools and systems that would facilitate the vast adoption of ICT in schools.

The one-day conference on the theme: ICT training that captures the future was jointly organised by TechAide, the Friends of Yamoransa Foundation (FYF), and Helping Africa Foundation (HAF) — both United States based non-profit organiations.

Chief Operations Officer of TechAide, F. J Cava, told journalists that the conference was about having a larger conversation about how the country’s educational sector was preparing the next generation of students for the digital era.

We want to prepare Ghana for robotics and computer programming and ICT technicians, and this conference is about engaging stakeholders towards empowering both teachers and students for the future by leveraging technology and tech-based educational tools and systems, he said.

He added: Are we preparing our students for the future and if we are not, what canwe do differently to help achieve that?

Technology is not going away; it is only going to get more integrated in society and culture and so we have to embrace and prepare adequately for it looking into the future.

Mr. Cava also encouraged parents to satisfy the curiosity of their children by allowing them to play or learn with tech-based study tools and devices to prepare them for the future.

We don’t have a choice with integrating technology into the educational setup; it is not about being prepared or not. The future is coming and we only have to be prepared for it, he indicated.

About 150 participants including: proprietors of private schools, heads of public schools, distinguished NGOs, private companies, government entities as well as funding agencies discussed how to leverage technology to train students for the digital age.

The objective every year of the Impact Education Conference is to bring together key stakeholders within the country’s educational sector to discuss, debate, share and educate about what each other is doing, achieving and learning in order to make education more responsive, and better equipped to handle the challenges of the 21st century.

Source: Ghana News Agency