Compelling Vodafone to list on GSE is misplaced

Accra� Vodafone Ghana has said the notion of compelling Vodafone to list on the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) is misplaced.

A statement issued to the Ghana News Agency and signed by Mr Gayheart Mensah, the External Affairs Director of Vodafone Ghana, explained that the 4G LTE License conditions do not mandate licensees to launch an IPO on the GSE and nowhere in the bid documents or the license condition is reference made to listing.

The statement was in reference to media publications in which the leadership of the GSE is reported to have indicated that Vodafone must be compelled to list on the bourse following its recent acquisition of 4G LTE License.

It explained that the bidding process for the 4G LTE license requires successful companies to ensure 25 per cent Ghanaian ownership of their operations, which is not the same as listing on the GSE.

Vodafone has already satisfied this requirement, since the Government of Ghana owns 30 per cent of the company. An IPO on the exchange is, therefore, clearly not required, the statement said.

It noted that Vodafone places on record that it has no aversion to listing, or for accommodating local participation in the company’s fortunes, as the publications suggest.

Our focus now is on ensuring our infrastructure is ready for 4G deployment and full-scale rollout as early as possible. We remain committed to offering our customers the real 4G experience, the statement indicated.

Our continuous successful partnership with government and the business’ investment in spectrum, infrastructure, products and services and in our staff are proof of Vodafone’s commitment to Ghana.

We are proud to be Ghanaian and at the centre of the telecommunications revolution in the country, the statement added.

Source: Ghana News Agency