Community expresses gratitude to NGANE- USA for support


Zuarungu (U/E),– The Chief and people of the Nungu Daborin-Zuarungu, a community in the Bolgatanga East District of the Upper East Region, have expressed gratitude to the Northern Ghana Association of New England – United States of America (NGANE-USA) for supporting them with a borehole.


Members of the community, especially women and children, hitherto walked distances to nearby communities with boreholes to fetch water for their daily activities, which sometimes led to crowds and petty quarrels amongst them at the few boreholes.


This, according to Mr Clement Atakimah Atinga, the Assembly Member for the area, also accounted for lateness among pupils in basic schools and loss of contact hours, “Some pupils often returned from their search for water very late and cannot go to school.


“Now that we have water here, it will help us and our animals, because there is no dam near here for the animals to drink from, so we are very happy for this borehole,” the Assembly Member told journalists after the borehole was commissioned.


Naba Denis Baba Asaduku III, the Chief of the community, also expressed gratitude to the NGANE-USA for the support and called on the community members to take proper care of the borehole to achieve its desired purpose.


Dr Valerian Nakaar, President of the NGANE-USA, in a speech delivered on his behalf, said the NGANE-USA was an Association of Ghanaians from Northern Ghana living in the USA, who had over the years provided support to deprived communities in the educational, agricultural and health sectors.


He said “One of the objectives of the Association is to help accelerate development in our communities at home in any way we can,” adding that “One of the areas closest to our hearts is the provision of potable water to deprived communities.”


On the choice of the Nungu Daborin-Zuarungu as the beneficiary community, the Association’s President said the people of the area were privileged to have Madam Vivian Adombiri-Naba, through whom the Association selected the community.


He told the community members that the efforts of Madam Adombiri-Naba helped to coordinate the execution of the entire project valued at about GHC150,000.00.


“NGANE is therefore honoured to present to the people of Nungu Daborin-Zuarungu a source of clean drinking water in the hope that this little project will go a long way to improve the health and quality of lives of the people of Nungu Daborin-Zuarungu,” he said.


Dr Nakaar said it was the expectation of the NGANE-USA that the people of Nungu Daborin-Zuarungu would collectively take good care of the borehole so that it would serve their water needs for a long time.


“We are convinced that the people of this community will claim this project as their own and be good caretakers of the borehole. Should you prove to be good stewards, it will go a long way to attracting other developmental initiatives from NGANE,” the Association’s President said.


Source: Ghana News Agency


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