Communities want road rehabilitated

Adumasa (E/R) The people of Adumasa cluster of villages in the Suhum Municipality of the Eastern Region, have called on the government to turn attention to the deplorable condition of their feeder road.

Adumasa is comprised of Besenkwata, Akurakese, Odikro Community and other villages with a total population of about 680 people and mostly waterlocked.

Speaking at a meeting of opinion leaders at Adumasa, Nana Ayisi Addo,the Odikro of the area, said the people expected the government to award the two-kilometre road from Ayittey to Adumasa on contract to help the movement of passengers and luggage to and from.

He said the poor farmers could not cart their cocoa beans, palm fruits, plantain, oranges and other food crops to the commercial centres, since transport owners had refused to ply the only road for fear of damaging their vehicles in the mud.

The Odikro hinted that the government’s educational policy to extend education to all parts of the country would remain in the dark, according to him, because the Municipal Assembly and the Education Directorate remained adamant to their plight of having school in the community.

He pointed out that school-going children at Adumasa had to attend school at Mameng and that during the raining season, the Mameng River over flowed its banks making it difficult for the little children to cross the river which was without a bridge.

Nana Ayisi was also not happy that the local Forestry Department had shirked its responsibility by allowing chainsaw operators to have a field day, felling timber indiscriminately in the area, resulting in the wanton destruction of the forest, farms, and further destroying the road network with timber trucks.

He said mosquitoes and reptiles had infested the area to the extent that the common diseases were fever, malaria and snakebites and that, the Municipal Community Health officials were not able to reach the area due to marshy nature of the area.

Source: Ghana News Agency