The Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group (COG) to Ghana, Thabo Mbeki, says by bringing the 2016 elections to a successful end, Ghana would again serve as an inspiration and beacon for the rising tide of democracy through the Commonwealth.

He said: “We commend the Ghanaian voter, the Electoral Commission (EC) and polling staff, the political parties, the citizen observers, the media and security forces for their respective roles in ensuring the success of the electoral process so far.

Mbeki, who is also a former President of South Africa, said this to journalists on Friday in Accra, concerning the observer group’s observations and findings, during its mission in the country to monitor and observe the 2016 elections.

Voting for the most part followed prescribed procedures, with voters requiring assistance including pregnant women, the elderly, and those with disability being given preferential treatment, whilst majority of voters found their names on the voters’ lists and were able to vote, said Mbeki.

The COG chair said at the close of polls at 1700 hours, the majority of polling stations had no queues, with the counts generally following the prescribed procedures.

“This include the signing by the party agents of the result declaration forms, and the posting of the official results in a visible and public place for the public to view,” Mbeki said.

He said the COG was, however, mindful that the process of collating the results was still going on, adding that the group’s final assessment of the entire voting process would be contained in its final report.