Clergyman calls for reconciliation

Accra� Prophet Constance Osika, Founder of the Wonder Chapel International, has called on Christians and other religious groups in the country to use the New Year to reconcile and live in peace with one another.

He said there is the need for all including political leaders, chiefs, ethnic groups and families to forge ahead in unity.

Prophet Osika made the call when delivering his New Year Message in Accra on Tuesday.

He said Christ came to reconcile the people and it is therefore the responsibility of mankind to continue from where He left off.

‘The birth of Christ signifies reconciliation and peace and we all must recognize that as we celebrate the season’, Prophet Osika said.

He also called on Ghanaians to learn to be tolerant and accommodate each other’s views and avoid petty squabbles and bickering.

Touching on the economy, Prophet Osika said the world is in inflationary times and Ghana was no exception in experiencing the trend.

‘We need to exercise maximum restraint towards those who are managing the economy to enable them have the needed peace to put the country on the right footing’, Prophet Osika said.

Source: Ghana News Agency