CIKOD schools journalists on agro-ecology

Lawra (U/W), Some selected journalists and media practitioners in the Upper West Region are attending a two-day workshop on agro-ecology and farmer managed natural regeneration and agro-pastoralist systems in Lawra.

The workshop, organized by the Center for Indigenous and Organisational Development (CIKOD) is under the theme: The Role of Agro-ecological Farming and Agro-pastoralist Systems for Resilience in Northern Ghana.

Mr Daniel Banuoku, Deputy Director of CIKOD, said the essence of the workshop was to get the journalists and media practitioners to understand the key issues of agro-ecology and help push for a paradigm shift.

Agro-ecology, he said, is a system of farming where natural resources are used efficiently without destroying the environment, adding that there is the need to balance what was taken from the environment and what is given back to the environment.

Mr Banuoku said there was a growing environmental crisis across the world and that promoting agro-ecology and farmer managed natural regeneration was the way to go in order to address the issue.

Topics discussed at the workshop include, context issues on food sovereignty and agro-ecology; responding to the issues of the Niger story, CIKOD farmer managed natural regeneration/agro-ecology and agro-pastoralists systems as well as water for resilience among others.

Source: Ghana News Agency