Churches have a crucial role to play in ending orphanhood – Rev. Abaidoo

Accra, May 25, GNA – Reverend George Abaidoo, Founder of Ghana Without Orphans (GWO) Movement, says churches have a crucial role in re-engaging orphans with new or existing families.

He said this during the launch of a book titled “Manual for Vulnerable Children’s Ministry”, supported by Bethany Christian Services Global Ghana.

The book talks about ways of dealing with the various plights of orphans in the country and the means by which orphanhood could be ended by re-engaging them with new families of existing families.

According to Rev. Abaidoo who doubles as President of the Alliance for West Africa Without Orphans, churches could play a crucial role in ending orphanhood in the country by identifying and supporting them.

“The aim of the book was to address pertinent issues affecting orphans and give them a sense of belonging through family-based care. In principle, we can give every orphan a family even though their biological parents may have been dead.

“The family-based care is the best practice we can have for vulnerable children and orphans in Ghana. That means restoring the family identity of orphans, which is often the major problem in orphanage homes, “he said.

He urged churches to establish a special ministry for vulnerable children and orphans to help them in their various endeavours.

Mrs. Sheila Minka Premo, an astute lawyer during her speech as the Chairperson for the Book Launch, said children were special to Jesus Christ and he demonstrated it while he was on earth, and the book was championing a worthy course.

“We have many vulnerable children in our communities and we see them on the street every day.” Some of the orphans and others are disabled and abandoned by their families, but I believe they deserve love, guidance, and direction in their lives.

“I want to commend GWO and Bethany Christian Services for this book, and I pray many churches and organizations will find this manual useful as they seek to minister to the needs of vulnerable children in Ghanaian society,” she said.

Source: Ghana News Agency