Christians urged to support the programmes of government

Koforidua- Mr Sanuel Nuertey Ayertey, the Deputy Eastern Regional Minister, has called on Christians to support the programmes of government and contribute their quota towards the development of the country.

He was speaking at the formal opening of the Third Biennial Grand Convention of the Koforidua-Ho Grand Command and Ladies Auxjliary Knights of St. John International at Koforidua.

He appealed to the members of the Knights of St. John International to use their position to create the feeling of fraternity among the members of the church and the relationship between the church and other religious organizations.

Monsignor Paul Lawer of the Suhum St. Theresa’s Catholic Church urged the Knights to be role models and mentors for the youth.

He said many young people tend to refer to the internet for all their problems but the internet has no solution to all the problems faced by the youth.

Monsignor Lawer said the knights are trained to be physical and spiritual protectors of the church and so the church would have to depend on the Knights to defend the church at this era of terrorists attack on the church.

He urged the members of the Knights of St. John International to lead a holy lifestyle by avoiding anger, revenge for any offence and to care for the sick, the deprived and the vulnerable in the society.

Monsignor Lawer called on the Knights to spend quality time with their spouses and children and explained that in about 25 years’ time, parents who did not smile with their children would not receive smiles from their children when they smile to them because such a relationship had not existed between them.

He urged Christians to stop stealing, cheating and lying; and appealed those who are in positions to employ people at their places of work to consider the youth in the parishes.

Source: Ghana News Agency