Christians urged to dissociate themselves from nation-wrecking conducts

Accra� Reverend Dr Robert Aboagye-Mensah, the Past Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana, has urged Christians to dissociate themselves from acts of bribery and corruption, armed robbery, revenge, and sexual immorality that demotes nation building.

He said lies, murder, jealousy, and vengeance contradicted the teachings of the Gospel, saying; If over 70 per cent of Ghana’s population are Christians, and yet we live in corruption, dirt, filth, with so much indiscipline on our roads and everywhere, then there is a big problem.

Rev. Dr Aboagye-Mensah was speaking at a Public Lecture organised by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana on Wednesday under the theme: The Christian and Nation Building; Fulfilling a God-given Responsibility.

He said democracy in all its forms was globally accepted as the best system of governance, however, for a nation to achieve its expectations through a democratic system, both the rulers and the ruled must be disciplined.

He noted that Christians, whose faith were grounded in the biblical truths and principles, had essential God-given responsibility towards nation-building.

Jesus emphatically says in Matthew 5:13-16 that Christians, as God’s agents for nation building, are the salt and light of the earth, he said.

Therefore, to remain salt and light, Christians must retain their distinctiveness if they want to fulfil their God-given responsibility as agents of transformation, or else face the sad consequence of being useless.

Rev. Dr Aboagye-Mensah advised Christians to gather courage under the inspiration of their belief to penetrate the world with biblical moral principles, virtues and standards without conforming to the demands of the world.

Relating the tenets of Christianity to democracy, Rev. Dr. Aboagye-Mensah said fundamental human rights, which includes freedom of expression, was first granted by God but had limitations that should be respected.

He said this limitation was also seen in the Bible where God gave Adam and Eve an opportunity to eat from all trees in the Garden of Eden but restricted them from eating from one particular tree.

The declaration in the Bible that all human beings are equal and created in the image of God was clearly exhibited in democratic governance where the rule of law reigns, he said.

He mentioned courage, respect, justice, integrity, humility, caring for the needy and disabled, and dignity, as some of the requisites for a state to develop.

Prof. J. O. Y. Mante, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, who was the Special Guest of Honour, said he always prayed for Christian lawyers whose actions conformed to the Constitution but sometimes contradicted what the Bible taught.

I pray that Christian lawyers will be guided by both the teachings of God and the dictates of the Constitution. I pray that God will guide them in their way of thinking and dealing with issues.

Source: Ghana News Agency