Christians advised not to be complacent about Covid-19

Accra Pastor Bernard Assiamah, Assistant Pastor of the Harmony Chapel at Kwabenya in Accra, has advised Christians not to be complacent about the existence of Covid-19.

He said the recent increase in cases was due to the negligence of the public, Christians especially, who say that: “God will protect us.”

Pastor Assiamah said there were very few people who wore their nose masks to church whiles some had theirs on their chin with others keeping theirs in their pockets.

He said the attitude of Christians towards preventing the spread of the Covid-19 was not encouraging and called for the need to “up their game.”

“Prevention is better than cure and so we should all endeavour to wear our nose masks and take our hand sanitizers along anytime we are stepping out of our homes,” the Pastor said.

“Let’s also keep our homes and surroundings clean because, as we all know, cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

Pastor Assiamah led the congregation to pray for God’s protection over the pupils and students as they prepared to resume academic work to contribute their quota towards nation building.

Source: Ghana News Agency