Christ Apostolic Church urges members to resist same sex marriage

Accra- Apostle Dr Stephen Amoani, the Chairman of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), has urged the members of the Church to educate the youth about the accepted form of marriage and sexual orientation.

He also encouraged them to teach the youth about the word of God and use all godly means to resist any imposition of gayism, and make same sex marriage unattractive and unacceptable in Ghana.

In recent times there has been frantic efforts by the West to decriminalise gayism in the country, while Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament Professor Aaron Mike Ocquaye has sounded a caution that he would not preside over a debate on the floor of Parliament on homosexuality.

Apostle Amoani made the call when addressing delegates at the opening of the 61st General Council Meeting of the Church in Accra on Friday.

The meeting brought key decision-makers of the Church including; Executive Council members, Apostles and Ministers, Foreign and Local Missionaries, Prophets and Prophetesses and Departmental heads, and Elders and Deacons across the world to discuss pertinent issues affecting the Church and chart the way forward.

Apostle Amoani reminded the Church to seek God’s face while it was preparing to elect new Executive Council members next year to lead the Church for another term.

The Chairman of the Church also encouraged pastors and workers of the Church to use their various platforms to educate members and the communities on the need to keep the environment clean as part of their higher calling as Christians.

We should as a church make it a key feature on our calendars to monthly organise clean-up exercise in the communities that our churches are seated.

We should not wait for government before we take actions, let us always remind ourselves that cleanliness is next to Godliness and God dwells only in a clean and sound atmosphere, Apostle Amoani advised.

He also asked the members to continue interceding for the nation, especially the youth on the need to avoid drug abuse.

He said a three-member committee had been constituted to collate all policies of the Church to enable them to organise the Church’s Policy Summit by end of the year and the summit would give the members the opportunity to critically examine all policies of the Church to fine tune for its overall development.

He added that the Church’s Constitution Review Committee had submitted a draft copy of the constitution to the Executive Council, and in due time copies would be made available for consideration and promulgation.

Apostle Amoani expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Almighty God for the many blessings He showered on them during the Church’s Centenary celebrations last year and acknowledged the contributions of the various committees and the entire members for their immense contributions towards the success of the programme.

He observed that the testimonies that followed the anniversary were clear indication that the Church had been well positioned for a high calling, hence the decision to choose; Pressing for the Price of the High Calling (Philippians 3:14), as the theme for this year.

He said the theme was carefully chosen to remind them on the need to forge ahead and pursue higher heights in their Christian calling and should not be distracted in any way for the ultimate crown.

He reminded them of their divine calling of evangelism, turning the world back to Christ, holding firmly on the faith in Christ and love for fellow human beings.

He said it would continue monitoring the Church’s planting and soul winning and maintenance structures, empower members to actively evangelise in order to win more souls for Christ, while the School of Evangelism for leaders would be enhanced.

He said administrative mechanism would be put in place for all the branches of the Church to be technologically networked so that the head office could easily monitor their performances and all Pastors and church officers would be educated on good customer service while promoting teamwork among the members.

He said to have a stable, strong, growing, influential and attractive Classical Pentecostal Church, action plan template from the five-year development plan of the Church would be drafted to guide the various levels of administration to ensure church growth and development.

The overall membership of the church as at December 2017 stood at 1,429,328, with 4,465 branches.

He said stringent measures had been instituted to harness the Church’s expansion and sustain the growth.

Source: Ghana News Agency