Chinese envoy urges support for security capacity building in Mali

UNITED NATIONS- A Chinese envoy has urged the international community to assist the government of Mali in beefing up its security and counter-terrorism capacities to respond the increasingly complex security challenges in northern and central of the country.

The peace and security of Mali are closely related to the overall security situation in the surrounding region, and comprehensive approaches must be adopted to tackle terrorist activities within and around Mali, Wu Haitao, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, told the Security Council.

“China appreciated the efforts that have been made by the government and people on the implementation of the 2015 Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, and they have achieved positive progress,” he said.

Meanwhile, the security situation in northern and central Mali continued to deteriorate with rampant terrorist activities, so the international community should continually support the peace and development of the country, he said.

“On the basis of respecting Mali’s independence, sovereignty and territory integrity, the international community should help it to build up its capacity in indigenous development and governance, and the sanction regime should aim to support the political process, in strict accordance with the Security Council’s mandate,” said Wu.

The Chinese envoy pledged that China was ready to work with the international community to contribute to Mali’s peace and stability.

The Malian government in 2015 signed the agreement with pro-government militias and some rebel groups in a bid to end hostilities and launch development programs in its troubled north, as well as to restore peace and stability to the country.

Conflict in northern Mali started in 2012, and the security situation remained volatile with an increased number of incidents in 2018 despite the signing of the agreement.

Source: Ghana News Agency