DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CellPoint Mobile has been formally recognized as a full member of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) partner program. For more than a decade, CellPoint Mobile has provided mobile-first technologies for both the sell side and the payment side of the digital travel channel that enable airlines and travel companies to keep up with the pace of digital innovation, maximize revenue opportunities and enhance customer experiences.

“African carriers are poised to expand their share of the global travel market,” said Noel Connolly, CellPoint Mobile’s SVP Global Head of Sales, Airlines and Hospitality. “Through our dedicated MEA unit, CellPoint Mobile is committed to assisting the region’s carriers in leveraging the competitive advantages associated with implementing mobile-first commerce strategies and solutions.”

“Digital transformation ranks alongside changing demographics and increasing customer expectations as one of the major factors shaping the future of Africa,” Connolly said. A recently released United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) study reports that in Kenya, mobile money is more common than credit cards for e-commerce. Throughout the continent, mobile phone penetration is expected to reach 85 percent by 2020 with more than 498 million smartphones in use. Globally, online, mobile and digital currency payment systems are set to overtake credit and debit cards as the most popular ways to pay in e-commerce worldwide by 2019.

Streamlining the Path to Profits

Answering the need for travel merchants – whether they are in the airline, ground transportation, or hospitality industries – to capture the full revenue potential of mobile-first commerce, CellPoint Mobile offers a seamless process for passenger booking and ticket payment, while simultaneously supporting revenue enhancing up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, including loyalty programs. With CellPoint Mobile’s solutions in place, airlines, and other travel merchants, can capture revenues and streamline their path to profits.

CellPoint Mobile’s products and tailored business services connect the sell side and payment side of travel transactions in a way that is unrivalled in today’s marketplace.  These flexible, scalable solutions can be deployed to help clients overcome specific obstacles, or to serve as an enterprise-level commerce platform for travel companies.

CellPoint Mobile’s feature-rich solutions work alongside legacy infrastructure with minimal disruption to existing operations. A modular approach to product implementation helps customers to start at the pace they need and scale as their business grows.

Fintech and Travel Tech – Bridging the Divide

On the pay side, CellPoint Mobile’s Velocity payment platform enables airlines and other travel merchants to reduce time to market with new payment methods and digital wallets, quickly expand their acquirer network, and increase conversions.  The merchant-side payment platform provides everything a travel merchant needs to control its payments environment, with features including pay by link, stored payments, advanced fraud and transaction monitoring, and more.

On the sell side, Voyage, CellPoint Mobile’s travel booking engine, enables airlines and travel merchants to increase revenues in both the mobile and online channels.  Voyage provides out-of-the-box integrations with an airline’s PSS to offer booking, ancillary purchases, MYB and check-in functionality, while also integrating seamlessly with the CellPoint Mobile Velocity payment platform and alternative forms of payment such as points, vouchers and staggered/installment payments.  Voyage Mobile is built on the leading mobile native platforms (iOS and Android), making it available to more than 99.6% of the mobile community in any geography.

Vantage, the company’s campaign management tool, enables airlines and travel companies to amplify their message to their customers.  Vantage enables travel companies to create and execute targeted promotions and campaigns across their entire customer base, and build an interactive communications channel with their customers through personalized notifications and SMS messages.

“We are honored to participate in a strategic alliance with AFRAA. The organization’s reputation as an industry leader and catalyst for the growth of a globally competitive African airline industry mirrors CellPoint Mobile’s business objectives for the region,” Connolly said.

As part of the 49th AFRAA Annual General Meeting in Rwanda (Nov. 12-14), Connolly will be exploring “Strategies to Drive More Revenues and Reduce Costs Through E-Commerce” and is available to discuss how airlines, when moving to add mobile-first commerce capabilities, share common challenges around costs, integration complexity and outdated underlying technologies, yet are able to overcome those obstacles. To arrange an interview with Noel Connolly or for more information about CellPoint Mobile, please contact Liz Gamble at or Vanessa Horwell at

CellPoint Mobile: We Make Travel Easier™ for airlines, travel companies and their customers .  

CellPoint Mobile provides airlines, ground transportation providers, hospitality firms and travel companies across the globe with flexible, configurable solutions that help them collect revenues from the mobile channel and profitably manage interactions and transactions from both the selling side and the payment side. Dedicated to a client-first, mobile-first culture since 2007, CellPoint Mobile provides companies with the fintech and travel-tech solutions they need to get to market quickly:  booking, payments, alternative payment methods, ancillary sales, loyalty transactions, communications, stored payment capability, real-time reporting, reconciliation, connections to payment service providers (PSPs) and acquirers, and more. Serving companies on five continents, CellPoint Mobile has locations in Miami, London, Copenhagen, Dubai, Pune and Singapore. Visit to learn more.

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