CDD-Ghana launches Corruption Watchers Network at GIJ

Accra, – The Students’ Chapter of the Corruption Watchers (C-Watchers) Network was on Wednesday launched at the Ghana Institute of Journalism in Accra to help in the fight against corruption from the grass-roots level.

The C-Watchers Network was launched by the Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) to equip tertiary students with the needed resources to fight against corruption among peers, students’ representative council and the school management.

It was part of activities of Corruption Watch Ghana, an anti-graft initiative of CDD-Ghana, Ghana Integrity Initiative, the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition, Africa Centre for International Law and Accountability and Joy FM.

The Network seeks to motivate, empower and mobilise young people to feel capable of actually doing something about corruption.

It also gets to amplify the voice of the next generation of leaders and raise them to become responsible leaders and advocators of the truth.

The Network will also encourage the youth to make a difference in the immediate societies by leading and fostering attitudes and behaviours that does not tolerate corruption.

Mr Kojo Asante, the Director of Advocacy and Policy Engagement at CDD-Ghana, said at the launch that there was rising need to fight corruption because it had become normalised in the Ghanaian society.

He said the dangers associated with the growing trend of corruption in the Ghanaian society were threatening, which would soon cripple the country if action was not taken immediately to resolve it.

He called for an all-inclusive approach to end the acts of bribery and corruption to get a fairer system so that all citizens could enjoy their share of the national cake.

Ms Shamima Muslim, the Host of Radio XYZ’s Breakfast Show, who is also an Ambassador of the C-Watchers Network, described the act of corruption as murder.

She cited a World Bank Report, which indicated that insecurity was a major problem on the African Continent, arising from the increasing number of young people without adequate employment; hence the need to create more jobs.

She, however, indicated that jobs could only be created if corruption was reduced or eradicated to pave way for massive industrialisation of the Ghanaian economy.

Ms. Muslim urged young people to help fight against corruption in every area of their endeavours, saying it was no longer a choice for young persons’ to remain unconcerned on the issue.

She asked prospective members of the C-Watchers Network to deepen knowledge in corruption related issues and change attitudes in order to effectively fight the canker.

She urged them to guard against any act of corruption that may reveal itself through student leaders.

Mr Adjetey Anang, an Ambassador of the Network, urged the youth to start the campaign against corruption while they were still in school because few years to come, they would become the authorities.

He urged them to carry on the fight to make Ghana a bribery and corruption free society in the immediate future.

Mr Kojo Yankson, the Host of Super Morning Show, Joy FM, said it was time that citizens got angry at the issue of corruption to uproot the canker just as citizens churned their energy towards illegal mining.

Source: Ghana News Agency