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Catholic Priest advises parents to groom children morally

Reverend Father Dr Isaac Benuyenah, Sacred Heart Cathedral Administrator of the Roman Catholic Church, Ho- Bankoe, has called on parents to mould and groom children morally as it is a necessity for the current dispensation.

The Catholic Priest said the surge in social vices such as armed robbery, prostitution and fraud would have been curtailed if these perpetrators were ethically nurtured by their parents.

He said Catholic education is premised on good moral standards for the good of the individual, society, and the country.

Rev. Fr. Dr Benuyenah, who expressed the sentiments at a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting of the R. C Mixed Primary School at Ho- Bankoe in the Ho Municipality, said there was a need to lay a good educational foundation for children for a better future.

He urged parents and teachers to treat all children equally.

Rev. Fr. Dr Benuyenah, who is also the Local Manager of Catholic Schools in the Parish, urged participants to erase the misinterpretation of free education on their minds and support their children’s education as the state alone cannot do everything for them.

He also called on parents, teachers and school management committees to play their respective roles effectively and efficiently to raise the standards of education in the country.

Ms Graciela Bansah, the Assistant Headteacher of the School, advised parents to provide their wards with basic school needs such as books and uniforms for effective learning.

She also asked them to instil good moral values in the pupils as some of them were indulging in other social vices.


Source: Ghana News Agency


December 2023