Caregivers schooled on best measures of child safety

Tema Mr Charles Dakpoe, a Social and Development Worker has urged caregivers to ensure safety of children through best safety measures, behaviour and practices.

He said proper and full development of the child should be their priority interest.

Mr Dakpoe gave the advice when the Family Strengthening Programme of the SOS Children’s Village, Ghana held a child safety session for caregivers at Mataheko in the Ningo Prampram District of the Greater Accra Region.

The programme was to increase the knowledge and skills of caregivers in communication, negotiation and coping, to reduce risks to children.

Mr Dakpoe defined the age of a child as below 16 years and that he or she should be given safety from harm, danger, risks, troubles among others and described the characteristics of a child as fragile, weak, ignorant, naive, curious, adventurous, sudden mood change, lack of negotiation and coping.

He said in adequate parental care, control or supervision, broken homes, misplaced priorities, poor time management, insults, and curses give a child mental torture and called on parents not to compromise with risky situations at home and avoid corporal punishment while urging teachers and staff of schools to ensure proper supervision and avoid bullying of children.

He said inadequate safety gave the child psychological effects and mentioned mental challenges such as; withdrawn, anti-social, timid, violent, poor academic work/records, school dropout, running away, joining bad peer groups, and suicide.

Mr Dziedzom Owusu-Agbe, Family Strengthening Programme Project Officer � Tema, said there was the need for the children to be counselled to conform and obey parents, caregivers, school rules and regulations because they were the nation’s future leaders.

He called for periodic counselling on childcare, time management, school update of information, training, and sensitisation.

Source: Ghana News Agency