Capacity Africa 2016: Angola Cables and DE-CIX win Best Africa Service Innovation Award

LUANDA, Angola, KAMPALA, Uganda and FRANKFURT, Germany, Sept. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Angola Cables, the leading international IP carrier and international gateway provider of Angola, won the award as Best Africa Service Innovation at the Capacity Africa fair in Kampala (Uganda). Angola Cables, as one of the drivers of the transformations of Angola and the entire SADC region towards a digital economy, submitted its innovative IP based solutions together with its innovation partner DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator.

“We feel honored to have won this award at Capacity Africa and to join such a prestigious group of African leaders,” says Antonio Nunes, CEO of Angola Cables. “We look forward to sharing how Angola Cables is able to revolutionize the way SADC connects with its innovation partner DE-CIX, who supports the creation of healthy interconnection eco-systems around the globe. We are firm in contribute to provide the best connectivity service to companies em Africa”. Selected from hundreds of high caliber applications sent to Capacity Media, Angola Cables and DE-CIX received the Award during a gala ceremony held on 27 September.

“We at DE-CIX are excited to team up with Angola Cables and receive such a prestige award. DE-CIX is building peering bridges from Europe to Africa and vice versa. Customers can easily get connected to our Internet exchanges (IX) in Marseille, Palermo and Frankfurt and access those powerful market places through the major submarine cables. Peering at DE-CIX just makes the difference as customers can connect with 850+ international and national networks, experience the fastest interconnection possible and also reduce latency and IP transit costs”, says Andreas Sturm, Head of Business Development at DE-CIX.

About the innovations: reduction of latency and localization of content

The solutions implemented differ completely from the existing ones. The IP solutions offer max. 98.4 ms from Luanda to Lisbon on IPv4 and IPv6 MPLS services on a carrier-class IP network. For all countries in between Angola and Portugal, there is a gain of 50 ms latency to Lisbon at least. For Angola, the digital distance gain to Lisbon is already cut down by more than 60 per cent. This enhancement may also become an advantage for DRC, Ghana, Cameroun, Nigeria and all other countries going up the coastal line towards Senegal or Cape Verde islands, inducing higher relative latency gains.

The other innovation is targeting the localization of content in the SADC region. angonix, the fast growing neutral Internet traffic exchange platform in Luanda, Angola, went operational in 2015 to push the transformation of the digital economy in Angola and in the SADC region. The exchange improves Internet resilience and robustness of Angolan and SADC IP networks and provides reliable connectivity within SADC. angonix creates a regional hub for cloud scale interconnections and content localization, localizing already a peak of 4.4 Gbps of Internet traffic. angonix creates a regional interconnection eco system for SADC out of Angola and is open for all networks that have an ASN globally. In order to overcome the digital divide and to attract international content for the SADC region, angonix addresses academic and foreign content, DNS servers and several root servers.

About Angola Cables

Angola Cables is an Angolan telecommunications company founded in 2009, which operates in the wholesale market and whose core business is the commercialization of capacity in international circuits for voice and data through Submarine Cable Systems throughout the South Atlantic and Africa. Angola Cables is responsible for the management and development of WACS (West Africa Cable System) proving carrier level services to operators in Angola and in Sub-Saharan region of the African continent, fast becoming one of the leading capacity providers in the region. It also operates Angonix (Angolan IXP) in its data center in Luanda, and is building a world-class data center and interconnection facility in Fortaleza, Brazil. Africa is today the fastest growing region of Internet penetration in the world. Angola Cables’ goal is to transform Angola into one of the telecommunication hubs in Africa.

About DE-CIX

DE-CIX provides premium Internet exchange services and operates several carrier and data center neutral exchanges. The company serves 850+ carriers, ISPs and content networks from 60+ countries, including all leading international players in various metro markets in Europe, the Middle East and North America. With 5.5 Terabits per second of peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is the world’s leading Internet exchange. For more information, please visit

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