CACI members challenged to emulate forefathers

Accra, Apostle Enoch Osafo, the Head of the Accra West Territory of the Christ Apostolic Church International (CACI), has challenged Christians to emulate the doctrines, practices and faith of their forefathers for them to do exploits.

He said it was time CACI members believed in the Word of God instead of relying on earthly words.

“Let us go back to our forefathers’ faith and unadulterated word.

“If we will go back to our roots God will be merciful unto us again,” Apostle Osafo said in Accra on Friday at the Centenary Easter Convention of the CACI, Taifa Area.

The five-day convention, on the theme: “Greater Works Than These,” is being attended by members from Taifa, Achimota, Ofankor, North Taifa, Dome, Mango Lane and Alogboshie.

Preaching on the topic: “The Power Behind the Exploits of Our Forefather’s,” Apostle Osafo noted that due to the porous environment things were not going well for Christians because they did not believe in God and also did not have faith.

“Because of our evil nature God has been far from us and this is destroying our lives and work.

“This is not CAC, let us go back to our roots and boost of our forefathers’ achievements in some 100 years ago,” he advised.

Apostle Osafo urged Pastors, Apostles, Elders, Prophets and Leaders to operate within the gifting of God instead of operating on humanly principles.

“Be bold and tell the truth and don’t be silent as a result of what you are getting from church members,” he said.

He recounted some of the miraculous works of Apostle Peter Newman Anim, the Founder of the church and other co-leaders and attributed their success in Christianity to faith and being led by the Holy Spirit.

“The secret was the Holy Spirit was controlling their lives,” he said.

Apostle Osafo asked Ghanaians to come together as Christians and use the Easter occasion to pray for love, forgiveness, peace, stability, national unity, growth, prosperity, development, and peaceful co-existence among parties and ethnic groups.

He also called on Christians to let the Holy Spirit reflect in their lives and advised them to be righteous especially when Jesus had made that great sacrifice of redeeming mankind from sin.

Apostle Augustine Bugyei, the Area Head of the Taifa Central Assembly, advised Christians to use the period for sober reflections and live Godly lives for the significance of Christ’s death to be worthwhile.

Good Friday on the Christian Calendar is the Friday when Christians, all over the world, remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to save the world according to the Holy Bible.

Source: Ghana News Agency