CAB GH To Complement Government’s Effort To Make Accra Clean

Every day is Sanitation Day. I recognize, however, that the government cannot do it alone. This is where I wish to call on all of us, especially our Chiefs and Queen Mothers, religious and opinion leaders, civil society organizations, private sector people, to rise up to the challenge and help make a difference this time around”–President Nana Akufo-Addo.

The quotation above from the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo, stressed the importance attached to sanitation in the country.

He made these observations at parliament during his second State of The Nation’s Address where he laid emphasis on the nature of sanitation in Ghana.

The President’s comments established that issues regarding sanitation are not only a government’s affair. He, therefore, charged all the citizenry to be a crusader to keep the country clean.

This is where he called on Chiefs and Queen Mothers, religious and opinion leaders, civil society organizations, and the private sector operators, to rise up to the challenge to ensure that Ghana becomes one of the cleanest cities on the African continent.

Ghana’s position on the World map in terms of sanitation is not something Ghana can boast of. This has been clearly captured in the World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) reports in 2017 and in effect has lowered Ghana’s reputation on the international front.

It is against this background that Clean and Beautiful Ghana (CAB GH), a private organisation has joined others in the crusade to complement government’s effort in keeping Ghana clean. CAB GH is a private organisation geared towards keeping the country clean and teaching people on the need to maintain a positive attitude toward sanitation in the entire country.

CAB GH believes joining hands with government in complementing its efforts in improving sanitation is a way of contributing its quota to national development.

Among its objectives includes, ensuring a clean and healthy environment, beautification, recycling of non-degradable substances, raising environmental leaders, promoting tourism, helping to ensure proper drainage systems and good works and housing. It is imperative to state that CAB GH is not only concentrating on environmental cleanliness but instilling some discipline in the youth, thereby raising environmental leaders who will, in turn, educate others about the need to keep their environments clean on regular basis.

As part of its objectives, CAB GH recently joined the people of James Town to help clean their environment. Apart from its cleaning mission in James Town, the organisation also shared some goodies like scrubbing brushes, soaps, toiletries etc.

It will be recalled that the President in his commitment to making Accra one of the cleanest cities has budgeted 200 million Ghana cedis for a sanitation project in his Second State of Nations Address to help achieve excellent sanitation.

CAB GH is, therefore, calling on all and sundry to join in the advocacy in making Ghana one of the cleanest countries on the African continent and in the world.

Source: Modern Ghana