Businesses urged to invest in cyber security systems

Kumasi� Mr Joseph Quaye, a cyber security analyst, has called on industries and business organizations to appreciate the impact of cybercrime and endeavour to invest in the Industry Standard Cyber Security systems.

He said this would aid the early detection of cyber fraud and threats.

Chief Executive Officers and individuals must also beef-up their electronic devices to guard against cyberattacks.

Mr Quaye, who is the Chief Executive e-Crime Bureau, a Cyber Security and Investigations Company in Kumasi, made the call at durbar with some members of the Ghana Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kumasi.

The durbar was aimed at sensitizing them on current issues of reported cybercrimes and fraud cases confronting businesses, institutions and the public in general.

The durbar, which was under the theme cyber security and insider risks was also aimed at discussing the current state of cybercrime and security challenges in the Country.

Mr Quaye said businesses are now becoming the target adding that, more than 50 per cent of all cyber fraud incidents had insider involvement.

There is the need to subject all prospective employees to an integrity test as often as possible, he said.

He said security was not one- size- fit- all and so some hidden facts must be uncovered with proper security audit in order to discover cyber vulnerabilities before hackers invaded their systems.

Mr Quaye advised business organizations and individuals to quickly contact their service providers when they become victims of cyberattack.

Mr Stephen Acheampong, Interim Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kumasi, said the forum was an eye-opener for them to protect their organizations.

He said it had also enlightened them on how to track and deal with hackers.

Source: Ghana News Agency