Bright Appiah launches book on Child Rights

Accra- A book to advance the rule of law and provide work on legal references for issues relating to children has been launched in Accra.

The book, titled: A Child is a Subject of Law, authored by Bright Yeboah Appiah, an Astute Human Rights Lawyer and a child right advocate, is the first of its kind on Child Law in Ghana.

The book, which is expected to serve as an advocacy to speak for issues concerning children, also provides a collection of constitutional and statutory provisions about child rights.

The 152-page book compiled in five years, covers seven chapters with introduction to the background of the title and topics including: The Evolution of Children’s Right and Law, The Right of the Child under Ghanaian Law, Offences aimed protecting Children, The Juvenile Justice System in Ghana, The Procedure adapted in proceedings related to matters of the Child, Child Maintenance, Custody , Access and Succession, and The Minors, Liability, Contracts and Talks.

Supreme Court Justice, Vida Akoto-Bamfo wrote the foreword of the book.

Mr Appiah, speaking at the launch in Accra, said he conceived the idea of writing the book ten years ago, having followed issues of child abuse during the period.

He said as a child rights advocate, he realised there was a gap in getting a holistic document that contained all the rights regarding children.

This gave room for individuals to abuse the rights of children; subjecting them to experiences that taint their childhood and even their adulthood when appropriate measures are not taken, he said.

He said it was his wish that professional institutions will start teaching child law in Ghana, adding that, the book will throw a challenge to academia and other professional bodies to build on what has been done.

Mr Appiah noted that, just like the situation in United Kingdom and most Commonwealth Universities, he hoped that people will have access to the book on Child Right for free or at an affordable price in University libraries, Faculties of Law, Ghana Law School as well as Technical and Teaching Institutions.

Professor Ken Attafuah, Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority and a Criminologist, commended the author for a good work done.

He said the book was easy to read, fast flowing and difficult to put down, adding that, the book looked at the social basis of institutional arrangements and served as a very good study in the Sociology of law.

I feel so glad that a child right advocate in Ghana has published this timely and important book that discusses the evolution of children’s rights and laws.

He said the book was good for the society because it fights for children and proves that the voices of the minors matter.

Source: Ghana News Agency