‘Blood of Jesus is a redemption from the oppressor’s rule’

Tanokrom (W/R) Reverend Samuel Kwesi Abraham, the Founder of the Fire Glory Chapel in Tanokrom in the Sekondi/Takoradi Metropolis, on Friday reminded Christians of the need to rely on the Blood of Jesus Christ in all their challenges.

He said the Blood of Jesus, unlike that of slain animals, was the only sure way to deliverance from the oppressor’s (satanic) manipulations and attacks and, thereby, entreated Christians to reflect on its significance.

Reverend Abraham, delivering a Good Friday Message at the Church’s Headquarters at Tanokrom, said: Remember that it is this period that the Blood of Jesus delivered all who believe in the Lord from oppressor’s rule.

Do not live as if you do not know your worth in Christtrust the Blood of Jesus to speak better things for you as you journey in this life.

He said the death of Jesus on the cross at Calvary was to make all believers benefactors of the special grace, favour, riches, glory, honour, power, wisdom, strength and blessings that the son of God was endowed with and that Christians must make a deeper reflection on this opportunity and begin to live the Kingdom life better.

Rev. Abraham said at the five-day Easter Convention that Christians must turn back to the Bible and follow its dictates and eschew ungodly practices.

Let not make the death of Christ a meaningless oneyour chastisement was upon Him so why do you indulge in activities that continue to put stains on Him and yourself and, thereby, losing your position in Christ, he said.

“As Christ became the offering of forgiveness and love, all Christians must endeavour to exhibit these kingdom attributes as they pressed on towards the higher calling; he said.

Source: Ghana News Agency