Birim South District Assembly members accept President’s nominee

Akim Swedru (E/R), Mr. Richmond Amponsah, the former Presiding Member at the Birim South District Assembly and the the President’s nominee for the District Chief Executive (DCE) position, has won 37 votes out of 38 votes during an election by assembly members.

The election was held at the Akim Swedru Roman Catholic conference hall.

The Birim South District, created from the Birim Central Municipality in the 2008, has two constituencies which are Achiase and Akim Swedru constituencies.

It also has 45 assembly members including government appointees, presiding member, district chief executive and members of parliament.

Out of the 45 members, the Members of Parliament were exempted from the election on the District Chief Executive (DCE).

Thirty-eight members including the government appointees were therefore present for the voting and out of which Mr Amponsah got 37 votes representing 97.3 percent against one vote, 2.3 percent for his challenger.

Mr Eric Kwakye Daffour, the Eastern Regional Minister, who confirmed Mr Amponsah as the D.C.E reminded him that, without the support of members he might have not reached that far so he should ensure participatory planning and democracy at the district level.

In another development, the Birim South District has elected Mr Daniel Prah as the new Presiding Member for the Assembly.

Mr Prah contested with Mr Aboagye Gyimah and got 32 votes while the contestant had six votes.

Mr Prah was sworn in by Mr Alexander Owrae, the Akim Swedru Circuit Court Judge.

Source: Ghana News Agency