Belief systems affecting disease control efforts

Ho, DrShituMuhammed, Volta Regional Veterinary Officer has called for the promotion of modern disease control methods among farmers.

He said most farmers particularly those in remote and rural areas held on to unscientific approaches to crop and animal disease control, and was hampering efforts by Agricultural Extension and veterinary officers at containing them.

DrMuhammed said this at a meeting of the Regional Public Health Emergency Management Committee in Ho, and lamented that the position of such farmers was aiding the spread of controllable diseases in the sub region.

He said if not checked, the practices could also cause diseases to spread from animals to humans, therefore, the need to get farmers to work with modern eradication programmes.

DrMuhammed said in some parts of the North, cattle that died from Anthrax were hung for days and the carcass knocked on to determine whether or not it was safe for consumption.

He mentioned that during the 2017 Anthrax outbreak at Adaklu, and the 2018 Rabies occurrence in Keta, communities attributed the incidents to acts of God, and were unwilling to support veterinary officers control the situation.

Some farmers are even tasting agrochemicals to measure their potency, and proper education on disease control, food hygiene and agricultural best practices must be made a priority, he stated.

DrMuhammed also called on the local Assemblies to show interest in Agriculture, and readily support eradication campaigns.

Mr Felix Chaahaah, Volta Regional Coordinating Director who chaired the meeting asked environmental health officers to increase surveillance of food processors and vendors.

He also asked them to ensure that all food vendors were tested and licensed by the Health Service to prevent the outbreak and spread of diseases.

Environment Health Officer’s must be on their toes. They must step up their inspection of food vendors, slaughter houses, drinking pubs and other public places. We need public education more than sanctions, MrChaahaah stated.

Source: Ghana News Agency