Bedridden defilement victim assailant gets 15 years

Accra – A 35-year-old welder, who defiled a 13-year-old girl at Pantang Village in Accra four years ago, rendering the victim bedridden, has been given a 15 year imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Paul Ademan, who is also facing an additional charge of causing harm to the victim, was arrested by the Police at Abomboso in the Eastern Region after absconding.

Ademan denied the charges.

The Court presided over by Mrs Abena Oppong Adjin-Doku, however, at the end of the trial found him guilty on the charges of defilement and causing harm.

When asked whether he had something to say before sentence was passed Ademan said he would not give up adding he would go to jail and come back.

Earlier, Prosecuting Detective Inspector Judith B. Asante said the complainant Vida Ahensah is a trader residing at Pantang Village with her family, including the victim.

Ademan also resides in the same vicinity.

In October 2013, the accused person’s wife one Mavis Adjeiwaa sent the victim to their house to inform her children to stay indoors as the clouds were gathering and it could rain.

Detective Inspector Asante said the victim went to Madam Agyiewaa’s house with his kid sister but on reaching the house Madam Adjeiwaa’s children were not in the house.

Prosecution said Ademan took advantage of that and lured the victim and her sister into his kiosk and Ademan spread a piece of cloth on the floor for the victim to lay her kid sister on it and with this the victim also lay beside her kid sister and fell asleep.

Detective Inspector Asante said the victim said while sleeping, she felt sharp pains in her vagina and realised that her face had been covered with a piece of cloth.

The victim, prosecution said, removed the cloth and saw Ademan having sexual intercourse with her and though she screamed for help but no one could hear her as her mouth was covered.

Prosecution said the victim after her ordeal went home with her sister and Ademan threatened her with a knife warning her not to disclose the incident to anyone.

The victim informed the accused person’s wife but he denied having sexual intercourse with the victim.

Later prosecution said the accused wife informed the victim that accused person had confessed to the crime.

The victim after some days became paralysed and broke her story to a prophetess in the area.

On December 2013, a report was made to the Domestic Violence and Victim’s Support where medical form was issued to the victim to undergo medical examination.

Ademan, however, went into hiding until January 4, when he was arrested at his hideout Abomboso near Anyinam in the Eastern Region.

Source: Ghana News Agency