BECE 2024: Accounting for my stewardship in education at the end of my first term as MP


Starting from Monday the 8th through to Monday 15th July, about 600 thousand school children in Ghana will be writing the BECE, according to the West African Examinations Council.

I wish all candidates all the best and success in their exams.

Within my first term as MP, I, together with the NDC executives at various levels and government agencies, have completed several projects that have directly impacted teaching and learning for our BECE candidates and will still be of benefit to them as they enter secondary school.

These include:

1) constructing over 40 borehole projects including the one at Nakpanduri Presby SHS/Technical School which will certainly make school selection easier for many families since life in secondary schools has now become easier.

2) lobbying for the absorption of Nakpanduri Presby SHS/Technical School into the public sector as a government assisted secondary school including personnel salary payments;

3) providing over 180 pieces of mono desks to the district directorate of educ
ation to facilitate conduct of credible examinations;

4) sponsoring Ghana Education Service to organise basic school mock exams for our candidates;

5) assisting several schools with roofing material, TV sets, renovated projects, cash and more; and

6) lobbying the GETFUND for a six-classroom school infrastructure for the Najong No. 1 Community which is under construction with a six-seater toilet capacity (3 for boys and 3 for girls) and a mechanised borehole.

On the Floor of Parliament, I have asked several Questions to the minister for education about when GETFUND school projects started in 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be completed.

There are GETFUND projects in Nakpanduri SHS, in Bunkpurugu SHS and other GETFUND school projects scattered all over, virtually abandoned with no committed funds for completion.

When these are completed, the problems with secondary school selections and admissions in the Nakpanduri-Bunkpurugu district will of course reduce.

Through the support of some development partners, I br
ought some Bunkpurugu school pupils to Parliament House in Accra to witness a Sitting of Parliament.

My constituency and other executives and I are eternally grateful to the staff and parents of the schools that supported us and participated.

The six footbridges I have constructed including the one in Namunjuak have no doubt helped schoolchildren trek to and from school regularly during the rainy season.

Nakpanduri Business SHS and Presbyterian SHS have benefited from a street lighting project from me which has certainly made studying there easier.

Bunkpurugu SHS also received from me a Flat Screen TV set, decoder, five graph boards (first time ever having such boards) and some cash which has made their participation in the National Science and Math Quiz easier.

Let us not forget the communities that received roofing materials including Sanbiruk School, Nyamuwai School (6 packets), Najong No. 2 (six unit classroom block reroofed), Jilik headmasters office roofing, Sinsapjina basic school, Upper Nayire, D
unglaargbruk 3-unit classroom block, and Balinfuiok basic school received some roofing materials from me, hence their schools are now looking better.

The list goes on and on. And there is more to come.

All told, ‘education, education, education’ at the pre-tertiary level is our claim to fame in the Nakpanduri-Bunkpurugu District.

And we shall do more.


In the Bunkpurugu constituency, we have worked with many partners to help many of you with teaching and learning material throughout your studies.

With the support of your parents and teachers, you have also put in your best effort.

Now is the time for the final push.

Keep believing. Keep believing. Keep believing.

My team and I are here to support you all the way.

Should you need further assistance in school selection, especially after your exam, and in school placements, please feel free to contact me and my team 247.

You can do it.

Believe in yourselves.

Carry on children, you can do it.

Make Bunkp
urugu, your teachers, your parents, and yourselves proud.

Please rest assured that I shall support you with any support within my reach including with scholarships for deserving students.

Source: Ghana Web